Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Alternative Energies

I would personally love a public official or higher authority come out and congratulate the men and women who are making alternative energies possible. The technicians and engineers who build and design better and more efficient energies for the people of the world. In my opinion it would bring much needed attention to the development and production of alternative energies. Alternative energies have been long underfunded and uncared for. One of the least known about is biofuel. Biofuel is synthesized from biological substances such as corn, peanut, or soy. One of the arguments against biofuel is that large scale production could cause a rise in food prices, this may be true but biofuel can be synthesized from algae. The algae would be grown in ponds and then processed to produce biofuel. The price of biofuel is competitive with the price of gasoline or diesel meaning you would not have to pay much more for biofuel. Biofuel production would create jobs as well as diminish our addiction for crude oil.


  1. But there's just TOO MUCH MONEY involved in crude oil and major companies DON'T want a safer cleaner fuel since that would cost them A LOT of money...and companies make the world go-round so.....